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Mountain West Releases National TV Schedule: Several Schools Barely Included

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The Mountain West released it's 2012 national television schedule today. With the Mtn. closing it's doors on May 31st we now see what life may be like under a new TV deal. It's not a pretty picture for Wyoming, Colorado State or New Mexico fans.

The press release boasts that a minimum of 25 games will be broadcast on either CBS Sports, NBC Sports or CBS. Navy at Air Force will be shown on CBS. There will even be four games broadcast on ESPN. Yes, you read that correctly: ESPN will be showing four Mountain West games this year.

But how many Wyoming games are set to be televised? Currently just the Boise State game in Laramie on October 27th. Colorado State only has a single game listed and New Mexico is totally missing. Craig Thompson tries to give these schools a sense a hope with this statement.

"This is the first phase of plans for the 2012-13 academic year," said Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson. "We are working with CBS Sports Network and member institutions to map out regional and local plans for the remaining 2012 football inventory. We anticipate announcing additional telecasts from these efforts in the coming weeks."

So you're saying there's a chance......

This release only relates to games that the Mountain West controls. So the Texas and Idaho games will be announced later when those conferences release their TV schedules. So there are two more games that could be televised.

Here is a breakdown of how many times each school is televised this year. Boise's road game at Michigan State is included with their ten games.

Air Force 6
Boise State 10
Colorado State 1
Fresno State 4
Hawai'i 4
Nevada 6
New Mexico 0
San Diego State 4
Wyoming 1

I understand that Boise and Air Force have fairly large national followings. Nevada has been good the last couple seasons but went 7-6 last year. Reno is a not a gigantic market and they have a hard time filling their stadium. Yet the Wolfpack get six games, and Fresno State and Hawai'i get four. UNLV gets three games because it loves to be a body bag to bigger programs.

You think a team that went 8-5 last would get some consideration from the TV executives. Wyoming is a top three team in the Mountain West this year and may hardly be shown on TV.

We'll have to see if any games get picked up by Altitude or Root Sports over the next few weeks. Surprised that they didn't pick up the Nevada/Wyoming game on 10/6/12. The Border War better damn be televised this year. I am really missing the Mtn right now.