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What Win Would Be The Biggest For Wyoming In 2012?

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Not all victories are created equal. With the 2012 football season approaching there is plenty to think about. Fans will spend countless hours discussing the schedule and projecting how many victories their team will reach. Instead of projecting what record the Cowboys will have this year; let's talk about which win would be their biggest.

We're narrowed down the choices to five games and rated them in three categories.

  • National Exposure - How would this victory effect media coverage for Wyoming.
  • Historical - Part of a rivalry or conference game.
  • Bragging Rights - Would this win stand the test of time?

Scale is 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

The five candidates are after the jump. Hint: New Mexico, UNLV and Cal Poly did not make the cut.

Be sure to cast your vote in the poll as well.


At Texas Longhorns

September 1st

This is the final of a three games series between the Pokes and Longhorns. Wyoming has played well in the first half of the previous two meetings but still lost by large margins. Texas is already a 31 point favorite heading into the game. This would certainly be the biggest win for the Cowboys under Coach Christensen and would give Wyoming some great exposure. The only problem is that the game will likely be broadcast on the Longhorn Network. So does the game really count if no one can watch it? It would stink if most fans only got to see the highlights of a historic win and not watch the whole thing.

Exposure: 5

Historical: 2

Brag: 5

Beating a premier program like would be huge for Wyoming and gain some great buzz to start off the season. Obviously how the Longhorns do the rest of the season would have some impact on how big a win it would be.


Toledo Rockets

September 8th

Wyoming has done very well against the MAC the last several years. The Pokes look to keep that streak alive and stop the Rockets high powered offense. Toledo lost a number of key contributors from the 2011 squad but will still be dangerous. This one is more about bragging rights between the two conferences. Wyoming does go after a number of recruits from the Midwest that Toledo also recruits.


Historical: 2

Brag: 3

A Mountain West / MAC game doesn't really garner much national attention but they always end up being close games.


Boise State Broncos

October 27th

The Broncos have been the winning-est program in college football over the last several years. Beating the Broncos on CBS Sports would be a huge lift for the Cowboys. Kellen Moore and Doug Martin are gone but there is still plenty of talent left in Boise. Depending on how the first seven games go for Boise would impact the importance of this win. If they come in undefeated, this would be a huge victory. Even if they lose to Michigan State and/or BYU it would still be great to take down the Broncs before the head to the Big East. Wyoming is 0-6 in the series, perfect time for a first win.

Exposure: 4

Historical: 4

Brag: 4

This game would give the Cowboys a huge edge in winning the Mountain West. It could also be the final time these two teams will play each other. Would be great to end of the series on a high note.


Colorado State Rams

November 3rd

The Border War is always the most important game on the schedule for the Pokes. DC is already a perfect 3-0 against the Rams and made sure the Bronze Boot has a comfortable spot in the trophy case. With a new coaching staff in Fort Collins the Rams MAY win a few more games, which would make the rivalry game even more interesting. Attendance has not been great for the last several Border Wars due to lack of wins for CSU and weather issues. The earlier start date should increase interest in the game for both sides.

Exposure: 2

Historical: 5


Outside of the Front Range this game doesn't mean much. For Wyoming fans it means everything. Making it four straight Border War wins would give DC quite a legend.


San Diego State

November 24th

This will be the 34th and perhaps final time these two schools will meet. As the Aztecs head to the Big East based entirely on their media market the Pokes will look to extend their 18-15 lead in the series. There have been some really close games the last few years and that will likely continue this year. This is also the final game of the regular season which could prove important in the bowl eligibility picture. This is a much bigger rivalry then the Boise series.

Exposure: 3


Brag: 4

The fact that this may be the end of of this series and final conference game for Aztecs may garner some more interest from the media. See what kind of product the Big East is really getting in 2013.

Be sure to vote in your poll and post your thoughts in the comments. Think I left a game out or was off in the ratings? Let me know.

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