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Our Favorite Sports Highlight: 2009 New Mexico Bowl - The Goal Line Stand

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This week college sites on SB Nation are posting up their favorite sports highlights. When I heard we were doing this I knew exactly what highlight I was going to choose.

The four down goal line stand in OT of the 2009 New Mexico Bowl against Fresno State.

You want thrilling television? Suspense, drama, chills and emotion? You got it!

This video brings back so many memories for me. Cowboy Altitude was only a few months old when this game occurred. I had a bunch of friends over for the game and I still remember how nervous I was during those four plays. The entire game was a roller-coaster ride.

The Cowboys were huge underdogs heading into the game. They hung tough with Fresno State and forced the game into overtime. With the ball on the goal line and facing the nations leading rusher and future first round pick Ryan Matthews. He gets two carries and goes no where. Then Pat Hill calls for the quarterback sneak which is stopped. Fresno gives it another shot with Mathews but Josh Biezuns shrugs off his blocker and is able to use his left arm to wrap around the feet of Mathews which slows down his momentum. The rest of the defensive line then seals him up and is able to celebrate.

This game was the first time that most of America had a chance to witness Wyoming football under Dave Christensen. It was an amazing win and also a great start to the bowl season.

There is also some sadness in this clip. After third down Cowboy defensive tackle Alex Stover goes down and then needs help from the medical staff to walk off the field. If anyone thought that he was just faking in order to get the defense more time, then they were completely wrong. Stover did have a severe groin injury and never played another snap for the Pokes. He did still work with the team as an assistant though.

What are your favorite memories of the New Mexico Bowl? Any other highlights from other games that stand out to you? Post your comments below.