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The 1993 Copper Bowl Intro Is Fantastic

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Some things were certainly better in the 90's. One example is team introductions for college football games. Take the 1993 Copper for example. The Weiser Lock Copper Bowl was played in Tucson and featured the Wyoming Cowboys and Kansas State Wildcats. This bowl game eventually became the Insight Bowl which is now played in Tempe.

With the Tucson setting the broadcast decided to setup one of the most epic college football intro pieces. The movie Tombstone had just been released and a popular location for Westerns to be filmed is Old Tucson Studios that is just west of town. So they decided to dress up players from Wyoming and Kansas State in western clothes and splice in clips of Tombstone.

The pale and TB inflicted Doc Holliday played by Val Kilmer still gives me creeps.

The mustache on TE Mike Jones is pretty sweet.

Unfortunately the game didn't turn out very well for the Cowboys who went lost 52-17. All of the highlights from the video are K-State plays. Wyoming was 0-2 in their Copper Bowl Appearences.

Watching this made me really want to watch Tombstone.

Hat tip to legendary Cowboy receiver Ryan Yarborough for posting this video on his twitter.