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NCAA 13 Player Ratings - Wyoming Cowboys

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Yesterday the team ratings for NCAA 13 were leaked. Later that night video's were posted that actually shows the individual player ratings for each team. There are only about 10 seconds of video devoted to each team. Makes it pretty hard to really examine the ratings for each team. Luckily I did all the hard for you.

I sat down and compiled the ratings for Wyoming including the players real name. Hope you enjoy!

There are several errors in the roster that I found. They are marked with a "?" in the section for the player name and an explanation at the bottom. This is not the final roster for the game and hopefully EA will take the time to correct the Wyoming roster. For now this will help kill some time before college football starts.

Ratings are listed after the jump.

86 SS 29 Luke Ruff
84 CB 20 Blair Burns
84 QB 16 Brett Smith
83 LOLB 3 Luke Anderson
81 RG 60 Nick Carlson
81 MILB 43 Devyn Harris
79 ROLB 5 Korey Jones
79 LG 51 Tyler Strong
78 K 14 Daniel Sullivan
78 WR 80 Chris McNeill
77 CB 2 Marqueston Huff
77 WR 33 Dominic Rufran
77 DT 50 Mike Purcell
76 RT 76 Josh Leonard
76 LT 73 Chase Roullier
76 FS 7 Chad Reese
75 DT 15 ?
75 LOLB 21 Mark Nzeocha
75 WR 6 Robert Herron
75 HB 18 Brandon Miller
75 RE 85 Mark Willis
74 C 68 Travis Bogard
73 CB 24 Kenny Browder
73 TE 34 ??
73 P 94 Stuart Williams
73 LT 71 Austin Traphagen
73 ROLB 27 Todd Knight
71 LT 77 Connor Rains
71 C 70 Skyler Hinton
71 WR 89 Nico Smith
71 CB 13 Darrenn White
71 LE 12 Sonny Puletasi
70 DT 58 B.J. Sumter
70 RT 72 ???
69 FB 22 Tedder Easton
69 QB 11 Colby Kirkegaard
69 TE 91 ????
69 LE 90 Uso Olive
68 DT 98 Kurt Taufa'asua
68 MLB 53 Alex Borgs
68 WR 9 Sam Stratton

I'm not going to spend much time bashing the rankings as they are not official. Just going to point out the rosters errors that will need to be corrected.

Three freshmen made the roster: OL Chase Rouiller, WR Nico Brown and DE Uso Olive. Congrats to them. Rouiller was given a very generous rating of 76.

Several veteran players were not listed on the roster: OLB Ghaali Muhammad, MLB Oliver Schober, OG Zach Rushing and Kody Sutton. Only one running back (Brandon Miller) is on the roster currently.

? = This is Ben Durbin who has since left for Ames, IA. Patrick Mertens was left off of the game roster. He would be the logical fit here.

?? = They have a TE wearing #34. That is number that freshmen LB Siaosi Hala'api'api is listed with on the roster. This would likely be TE Spencer Bruce who wears #25.

??? = EA has a RT wearing #73. No Cowboy has that number on the roster. Should probably be sophomore RT Daniel Fleischman or senior RT Kyle Magnuson.

???? = A TE that wears #91. Should probably by TE T.J. Smith instead who wears #83.