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Fun With Video

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It is a lazy Friday afternoon.

At least it is for me.

Instead of some deep and insightful article I'm just going to post a few interesting Wyoming videos and make some comments.

Feel free to post your own thoughts.

Is this video a result of an incredible dunk by Nance or an improperly secured video camera. Hopefully Larry was just throwing down some BOOM SHOCK A LAKA and rattling the rim. The camera simply couldn't stay still after that kind of dunk.

Very excited to see how Nance and the rest of his teammates do on their Canada trip this summer. He was the only freshmen that was a big contributor in 2011. Will be excited to see how the rest of the sophomores have developed.

Somebody get these guys a hair band or something. Outtakes are always funny.

This video is scary and intriguing at the same time. There are a couple questions that need to be asked here.

What the hell is happening on August 1st?

Why are we watching this large gentlemen go topless and show off his man boobs?

Guess we''ll find out in a couple weeks. This better be worth it.'