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Wyoming To Wear Camo Uniform In 2012

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Last season Wyoming debuted a number of different uniform looks thanks to the return of the brown helmet as well as an updated road jersey. There had been speculation that the Cowboys may try something new in 2012 but the school hasn't released any statements about new uniforms.

This morning Jeremiah Johnke a sports reporter for the Wyoming Tribune and Laramie Boomerang posted a picture on his twitter account of a new camo uniform. Wyoming has a strong relationship with the military since Christensen took over and also has named their special teams the "special forces" to honor them. Perhaps these camo uniforms will be worn against Air Force?

Turns out that Johnke was leafing through the 2012 media guide where Wyoming had the new uniform posted in plain view. I zoomed in and enlarged the picture, then cleaned it up a bit as well.

Check it out after the jump!


I think the closer you look at the uniform the better it appears. Viewing the uniform from afar doesn't give most a great first impression. It all kind of looks like a jumbled mess. The closer you look there are some nice details. I don't really like camo uniforms in general but I can handle these. The helmet is the best part with the matte brown and glossy digital camo steamboat. They could wear that helmet any of their other uniforms as well. The shoulder pads have grown on me as well. I'm not really a fan of the pants with the tiger stripes, otherwise I like the uniform overall.

Anyone else curious what an all camouflage jersey with solid numbers would look like? That may be overkill.

I love the partnership that Wyoming has with Nike. The last three years they have really expanded the uniform options for the Cowboys. It certainly can help recruiting and also get a smaller school some publicity. Glad to see Wyoming embrace their school colors and try to push the envelope.

Let me know your thoughts on the new look. Anything you would add or change?