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Meet The New Defensive Coaches

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The coaching staff for the Wyoming defense has had a big makeover this off season. With the departure of Marty English it was alos the end of any remaining staff from the Joe Glenn era.

In came Chris Tormey as the new defensive coordinator.

He loves football and says he would work for free. I would be willing to help him out with that burdensome salary.

The next hire was Robin Ross who works with the linebackers and also serves as special teams coordinator.

He has coached everywhere.........

Ross has gravely voice and loves to talk about cities. Big cities, small cities... all kinds.

The newest member of the coaching staff is Derrick LeBlanc who works with the defensive line. He is certainly a full figured gentlemen that loves the small town atmosphere. I hope he has a large minivan or SUV because he has a big family.

We are now just one month and one day till fall practice starts.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!