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More Info On New Wyoming WR Jalen Claiborne

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Yesterday one of the biggest plays on offense came from someone who's name isn't even listed on the roster yet. Jalen Claiborne caught a 45 yard touchdown pass from Brett Smith in the first scrimmage. Afterwards everyone was wondering who this mystery player is.

Luckily the internet came to the rescue and we have some more info on the newest Cowboy. Claiborne is 5-9 160lbs and went to Texas powerhouse Carthage HS. After graduating from Carthage he signed with Tyler JC that is located in Tyler, TX. He played at Tyler in 2011 catching 22 passes for 472 yards and six touchdowns. He also spent some time on kick returns. With the loss of James Caraway the Cowboys had an opening and Clairborne signed with Wyoming in July.

Here is some footage from his high school days.

He is obviously smaller but has some nice very nice quickness and adds a nice element to the Pokes receiver corp that is loaded with taller players.

Here are some highlights from his year at Tyler. It includes some catches as well as kick returns. He obviously showed that he can make some big plays and that was just after a few days of practice. Claiborne has three years of eligibility remaining, it will be fun to watch him develop this season and down the road.