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Wyoming At Texas Kickoff At 6PM MST On Longhorn Network

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Well not exactly. What been expected for months was finally announced today. When Wyoming starts the season in Austin to face the Texas Longhorns, it will be televised on the 'Horns Longhorn Network. A network that most Texas fans don't have and and even fewer Cowboy fans. This was expected, the news we were all waiting on was the kickoff time.

We now know that kickoff is at 7pm CST/6pm MST. Not sure why it took till 10 days before kickoff for this to be finally announced. Our Mountain West mate the New Mexico Lobos suffer they same fate of having their game with Texas put on the Longhorn network.

One of the big perks of playing a big team like Texas is to play in front of a national audience. Instead the game will be shown on a channel that offers less exposure then the highly criticized Mtn. How is that for irony?

Just another reason to dislike ESPN (who owns the Longhorn Network) and their continued role in keeping Mountain West teams down. If you have Verizon Fios or live in Texas then you are in luck. Otherwise it will be the radio for most fans.