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Join Our Mountain West Pick Em Group

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Last year our Panel of Pokes crew did a weekly Pick Em' Contest for the Mountain West. That was a fun time but it only let a few of us take part. This year I created a Yahoo Pick Em group so that all Wyoming and Mountain West fans have a shot at joining. I was able to create a group that only picks the Mountain West games each week. Now you don't have to worry about picking some Big East or ACC game you don't care about.

Since there are only a maximum of 10 games per week, this won't take much time out of your day. Signing up for this group is not a big time commitment. Really just a minute or so each week.


GROUP#: 12190


Sign up today and share this with your friends. The bigger the group the better.

This is just a plain pick em' contest, no spread or confidence points. If you feel the game would be better with those options let me know.