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Hop On The Wyoming Bandwagon For 2012

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wyoming bandwagon
wyoming bandwagon

Last year we opened up the Wyoming bandwagon and had a few people join. Those that joined were richly rewarded with an 8-5 record and an appearance in New Mexico Bowl. Now we put the wagon back together and there is room for you!

Wyoming is returning a large number of starters from last years team and now have their eyes set on the first Mountain West Conference title. Led by dynamic quarterback Brett Smith the Pokes will be fun to watch this year. If the Cowboys knockoff Texas in week one then will be tons of people hopping on. Make sure you beat them to punch.

Joining is easy, just post in the comments. You'll receive your official Wyoming bandwagon fan membership card in the mail within 5-6 years.

This may a year be a year to remember for Wyoming. Make sure that you don't miss out on the Pokes this year.

There are plenty of unique things about Wyoming:

  • Brown and Gold uniforms
  • 7220 feet - highest elevation of any FBS team
  • Last FBS school alphabetically. I like to think of Wyoming as the WYOmega, and Air Force is the Alpha.