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Cowboy Altitude Turns Two!

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Two years ago today SB Nation opened up their family to the Wyoming by bringing Cowboy Altitude on board. It seems like time has flown by as we now enter our third season. We've seen plenty of ups and down during that time and I really appreciate all of the readers that have made this site worth running.

Even though this site has been around for awhile, there are still plenty of people still discovering this site every week.

SB Nation has a Wyoming blog??? DAMN STRAIGHT!

It's been a joy to cover the Cowboys and help others discover them.

Now let's talk about gifts. Cash is fine, but I doubt you'll send that.

Here is what I would like this year.

I'd love to have you become a bigger part of there Cowboy Altitude family. There is plenty you can do and it really isn't much work.

Be sure to sign up for a free SB Nation account and then join Cowboy Altitude. As a member you can interact with other Wyoming fans and share your opinion. You'll be to make comments in articles and join in our weekly live game threads.

Speaking of game threads be sure to log on to Cowboy Altitude during the Texas game. We'll be talking during the game and rooting on the Pokes. The more the merrier.

If you every want to write about Wyoming or share a link you can use the Fan Shot or Fan Post options. Fan Posts are great for writing an article. If you want to share a link, picture or video then use the Fan Shot option.

If you are interested in helping Cowboy Altitude even better there are a numbers of ways you can do so.

  • We're looking for a Facebook intern. Basically all you need to is post the articles written on Cowboy Altitude to our Facebook page. You youngins' spend hours on Facebook everyday anyways. Why not help me out?
  • Do you like finding interesting stories on the internet? If you are interested in putting together a post filled with links to stories about Wyoming, the Mountain West or other college sports it is easy. You could do do it a couple times a week or more. Can certainly work around your schedule.

Please email me if interested in helping out in anyway. Or if you have any ideas on ways to help improve the site let me know. We'll see you this weekend.

Go Pokes!