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Wyoming Falls To 0-3 After 24-22 Loss To Cal Poly

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Is this what rock bottom feels like? Have we hit rock bottom?

You chose a really bad week to stop drinking. That hole in the wall you punched is not going to be cheap to fix.

We knew that the offense would have some issues this with Brett Smith out. He doesn't play defense however. So what caused the Pokes to give two easy scoring drives and end up in a quick 14-0 hole? Cal Poly running back Deonte Williams had 154 rushing yards IN THE FIRST QUARTER. The Mustangs gained 325 yards rushing in the game. The Cowboys only managed 260 total yards of offense.

After the 24-22 loss the Cowboys are sitting at 0-3 and their perfect record against FCS schools is ruined (now 1-9). This is a team that had conference and bowl aspirations heading into the season. Those are still possible, it is just hard to find positives here that make you think those goals are still achievable.

Shaun Wick was Wyoming's offensive star of the game with three touchdowns. While he was able to find the end zone, none of the running backs were able to gain many yards. Wick ran 21 times for 64 yards, barely over 3 yards per carry. The Pokes gained 137 yards on the ground which a paltry average of 3.5 yards per carry.

"I would definitely trade my three touchdowns for a victory today. It’s a game that we need to put behind us, keep
grinding and work on preparing for Idaho.

- Shaun Wick

Colby Kirkegaard got the start at QB over freshmen Jason Thompson. He finished the game 15 of 23 for 123 yards and one interception. He was very timid in the first quarter and the offense had nothing going. In the second quarter he helped the team with two touchdown scoring drives and took a 15-14 lead at halftime. In the second quarter he completed all six pass attempts. It seemed like things were getting better and the offense would really roll in the second half.

That never happened. The offense put together one decent drive together in the final half. The Cowboys only had the ball for 10:39 minutes the second half. They also failed to convert a third down the second half. For the game Wyoming only converted 2 of 12 third downs. That depressing trend has shown up in all three losses. Wyoming had the ball on their own 25 with 1:39 to play. There was a chance of a game winning drive but Kirkegaard was intercepted on the first snap and the loss was complete.

There was chance that Jason Thompson could get some playing time in this game. In the end his redshirt has stayed intact. The same goes for DT Uso Olive. There is no guarantee that Thompson would have done any better then Colby. It would have been even worse for him to lose a year and have the Pokes still lose. He is more athletic then Kirkegaard but only played well in the third scrimmage. He still doesn't know the offense as well as the veteran.

Time to move on from this loss as quick as possible. Props to Cal Poly for coming ready and knocking off the Pokes on the road. They earned this win today. When will Wyoming get it's first win?