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A Preview Of The New Cowboy Altitude

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Remember when we showed off our future logo? Well that logo is just part of a whole new redesign that Cowboy Altitude will be undergoing. You'll still be getting the same great content you love on the Cowboys. The presentation will be greatly improved and will allow you find information on this site and other SB Nation sites in a a fluid and universal design.

The whole project is called SB Nation United and I think you'll be very happy with the results. Not certain when the new format will go into effect but I would expect it to be soon. So if you come to Cowboy Altitude and everything looks different, don't freak out man. Take your time and poke around the different links and menus.

To help give you an idea of what the formatting will look like we have a few photos of other sites put together. Take a look after the jump and let me know your thoughts. I think you will like what you see here.