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Two Years Later: Still Missing Ruben Narcisse


September 6, 2010 was a joyous day for most of America. It was Labor Day and college football had just completed it's opening weekend. For the Narcisse family of Miami, it was a day where their lives changed forever. Their son Ruben was a freshmen linebacker at the University of Wyoming. The Cowboys won their season opener against Southern Utah and Ruben went to Colorado afterwards with teammates to enjoy the long weekend. On the 6th on the way back to Laramie, Narcisse was a passenger in a truck that was involved with a one vehicle accident.

Ruben was airlifted from the scene but wasn't able to make it. Alcohol was not involved, but this stretch of Highway 287 has claimed many lives over the years. The team struggled to recover after the passing of their teammate. Ruben's locker was sealed and will remain untouched until the completion of what would have been his senior year.

To honor him his teammates took turns wearing his #12 in 2010. The bearer of that jersey often had outstanding performances. In 2011 Ruben's freshmen roommate Sonny Puletasi switched to #12 in order to honor Narcisse.

Ruben had a dream of hosting a football clinic in Haiti. This past May a group from the Wyoming FCA partnered with Lyonel Narcisse (Ruben's father) on a mission trip to Port au Prince to accomplish that goal. Here is a video from that trip.

We have this badge on the side of the website to honor Ruben. It is the same as what the team wears on their helmets. Ruben's legacy will continue to touch others - that is certain.