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Drive Chart And Thoughts From The Toledo Game

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Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

Here is the animated drive chart from week two. Plenty of opportunities that weren't exploited by the offense.

Here are a few more thoughts on the game.

  • Brett Smith is ranked 8th in the country in total offense with 695 yards. Aside from the interceptions he is having an incredible year. Now the question is: when will be back?
  • The running game was certainly better in week two with DJ May leading the charge with 64 yards. Still the offense stalled in the red zone. Twice Wyoming had to settle for field goals when they nearly had touchdowns. There is no running back that can be relied in short yard or goal line situations. This is where Ghaali Muhammad is really missed. I would give H-back a shot there. Either Riley Lange or J.J. Quinnlan would be tougher to bring down.
  • Wyoming has only converted four third downs in two games. The offense can't grind out extended drives and keeps coming away shorthanded.
  • The special forces performed much better. Stuart Williams was a perfect 3 for 3 on field goals with a long of 42. He remains perfect on the year. It is nice to have confidence in your kicker. Tim Gleeson only punted twice but he performed much better in week two with a 42 yard average. Josh Martin had four touch backs on kickoffs. Can't remember the last time the Cowboys were able to consistently put the ball in the end zone on the fly.
  • Three receivers had 70 yards or more in the game. And that is with Robert Herron sitting out. The depth at the position is great this year. Jalen Claiborne is off to an impressive start in his Cowboy career.
  • The run defense is still bad. I can understand giving up lots of yards to Texas. But 204 on the ground to Toledo is rough.