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Our Week Two BlogPoll Ballot Is Up


I feel it is my duty to help promote smaller football schools with the Blogpoll. There is plenty of bias with larger schools from the major conferences. There some quality upsets this week and it was a thing of beauty. Ohio was ranked 19th last week, we moved them up to 15 as they dismantled New Mexico State easily. The biggest upset was UL-Monroe knocking off Arkansas at home. We debuted the Warhawks at #18 and removed the Razorbacks from our list. Utah State started things off on Friday night by taking down the Utes. The Aggies show up at #21.

We were able to add so many new schools this week because eight teams were knocked out: Arkansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Boise State and Utah.

There also a number of larger schools that also made their debut in the top 25. Arizona, Florida, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Arizona State all made their debut.

Let me know your thoughts on the rankings. Anyone that is too high or low? Comment below.