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Wyoming Suspends G Luke Martinez Indefinitely

The saga with the Cowboy senior takes a serious and negative turn.


Laramie, Wyo. (Jan. 14, 2013) -- University of Wyoming head basketball coach Larry Shyatt announced Monday that men’s basketball player Luke Martinez has been suspended indefinitely from the Wyoming basketball team. Charges were filed against Martinez this weekend in connection with an off-campus incident that Martinez was involved in on Dec. 30, 2012.

As Martinez’ suspension involves on-going legal action, neither Coach Shyatt nor any other UW official will have any further comment.

That was the statement released by the University this morning. Those three sentences may play a huge factor in the outcome of the Cowboys season. Martinez was already out for several weeks due to breaking his fourth metacarpal in the incident that happened on December 30th.

Nothing changes in short term because Martinez will need additional time to heal before he could even see the court. Now the question is if Luke will be able to play once he is healed. Martinez was with the team on their trip to Nevada. When their flight arrived back in Laramie on Sunday morning Martinez was arrested at 2:15 AM with a felony charge of aggravated assualt. Can you imagine getting off an airplane and having the cops waiting for you? That usually only happens in movies.

So far Martinez is the only person involved in the incident that has been charged. Martinez will make a court appearance on Tuesday. Really hard to tell what will happen with everything. If Martinez is not able to return it would be a terrible way for his career to end and a huge loss for the Pokes. It will be very tough for Wyoming to make a run with their brutal conference schedule.

Coach Shyatt did an interview Tim Brando this afternoon and he does address the situation. Check out the video below.