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More Details Emerge On The Incident Involving Luke Martinez

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With his appearance in court this morning a lot more details came out on what actually occurred on December 30th.

Ethan Miller

Luke Martinez made an appearance in court this morning and the details that emerged are not pretty. Ben Frederickson was in attendance and tweeted out most of the major details.

Other team members Derek Cooke Jr. and Nathan Sobey were both also at the Buckhorn that night. Cooke punched the victim after he swung at Martinez and missed. That is the only involvement noted for Cooke, there is no details that Sobey fought at all. Both of them are active and traveled with the team to Fresno. Martinez has been released on a $25,000 signed bond and he is required to check in with the UW athletic department three times a week.

Here are some of the key details that came out this morning. This is not something I want to write about it and it certainly looks like things are looking very bleak for Martinez to come back this year.

Here is a full story of what is reported to have occurred on the 30th and in court.