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Preview: Wyoming Cowboys At Fresno State

Instead of talking about court and arrests let's actually talk about some basketball for awhile.


The fun part of covering a sports team is the games. After all the distractions that have happened over the last week it is time to get back to fundamentals. Wyoming is still 14-1 (1-1) and has a great chance at making a big postseason tournament. Getting conference wins will be tough and we've seen that you can't have an off night and expect to win.

The Pokes travel to Fresno State to face each other for the first time as Mountain West conference foes. The Bulldogs (6-9,0-2) are arguably the worst team in the conference. Still that does not mean it will be an easy win. Wyoming sits as a 4.5 point favorite but will need be ready to play. I'm viewing this game as a must win because the Pokes need to take advantage of playing a weaker team on the road, grabbing as many road wins as possible will be key.

While Fresno doesn't have a true star, they do have balance with six players averaging over seven points per game. Wyoming doesn't have a ton of depth and that could be a potential issue.

Rodney Terry is in his second year as head coach of the Bulldogs. He's still rebuilding the program but has gotten some solid performances out of his team so far. In their first conference game Fresno State only lost by three points to the Aztecs in San Diego.

If Wyoming's defense can make an impact I certainly expect a victory. Wonder how many people will actually pay attention to this game with all the other news that came out today. How much crazy news can fit into one day?