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Wyoming Starts Off 2013 Without Luke Martinez Due To Injury

The Pokes took a huge hit on Monday when it was announced that senior guard Luke Martinez had sustained an injury over the weekend.


Wyoming is one of four remaining undefeated teams right now. That claim will be tougher to keep as the Cowboys will be without their second leading scorer Luke Martinez for an indefinite time after he broke his fourth metacarpal (right ring finger) on Saturday evening.

The incident occurred off campus on Saturday evening. Despite Ben Frederickson trying to find some type of dirt on the situation, Coach Shyatt really would not give any extra details.

He declined to say whether or not Martinez had been injured in an altercation. He also declined to say whether or not local police had been involved in the incident.

"I can't say," Shyatt said. "I can't say, nor am I comfortable saying. Because I absolutely don't have any more details."

The Albany County Courthouse was closed Monday, making arrest records unavailable. Phone calls to the Laramie Police Department were not returned.

"There's nothing out there that I'm aware of that is of the nature of what you're talking about," Shyatt said in response to questions of an altercation and or legal trouble. "If it was at practice, I could be very specific. Beyond that, I would be like everyone else, second-guessing and speculating. And that's not fair to Luke."

Martinez has been a great member of the basketball team on all accounts during his three years in Laramie. He has never been suspended before or had any altercations that have been reported publicly. Luke has played a huge role in this team's success over the last two years and I'm sure he feels terribly about getting injured right now. Speculating on what happened right now doesn't do any good here.

The good news is that no surgery will be required and that will certainly reduce the time Martinez is out. Still there is no timetable set for his return.

Currently Martinez is averaging 14.5 points per game, three rebounds and two steals per game. He also leads the team with 35 three pointers made. His contributions on both sides of the ball will be missed severely by the Pokes. If there is one thing this team is missing it is depth. With Martinez out Coach Shyatt will be looking for someone to step up and fill those 30.5 minutes that are now available. The two players likely called to fill that role will be Josh Adams and Nathan Sobey.

Adams filled in quite well while Riley Grabau was out. The freshmen is averaging 5.3 points per game in 25 minutes. Sobey has played in every game but only seen 7.9 minutes on average and scored 1.9 points.

This will certainly be a big test for Wyoming to see if they can come together and step up when the chips are down. The good news is that Coach Shyatt has shown that he can the best out of his players. The job he has done over the last two years has been tremendous.

The Pokes will put their unbeaten record on the line tonight when they face the 10-4 SMU Mustangs in a tough road game that starts at 6pm MST.