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National Signing Day Approaches

Just one week until National Signing Day. How will the Cowboys fare?


One of the biggest events of the college football off season is National Signing Day. This year it will take place on February 6th. Make sure you spend plenty of time on Cowboy Altitude on the 6th as we will have plenty of coverage and analysis of the 2013 class. I've taken the day off of work to make sure that we have all the angles and stories covered.

With so many junior college signees that have enrolled there is a good portion of the recruiting class that is already set. Still until an athlete signs their letter of intent and faxes it in, you never know what can happen. If a bigger school comes a knocking we could see a number of athletes flip. Most of that last minute decisions and flips happen with the larger programs. However the Cowboys are certainly not immune to losing players.

This year Wyoming is expected to put 23 new players on scholarship including greyshirt QB Tom Thornton. So that would leave 22 spots available. It looked like the Cowboys had reached that magic number of 22 last week when top ranked longsnapper Brendan Turelli and juco DE Justyn Eddins committed. However right after committing to Wyoming, Eddins went on a visit to Arkansas State and committed.

So that leaves one spot available. Tom Lacock of GoWyoGo is now reporting that Timothy Kamana a DB from Hawaii has verbally committed to Wyoming. The Cowboys offered him last year and he ended up attending Army Prep. I remember watching his highlight video last year and his long hair is memorable


This is the second straight year that Wyoming has gotten a player that originally committed to Army and then a year later ends up in Laramie. Last year Cortland Fort went the same path. Right now it is just a waiting game to see what kind of surprises lay in store for us on signing day.