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Welcome To Sheep Week

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The greatest week of the year is back!


Rivalry week has arrived and this been a great time for Cowboy fans over the last four years. Coach Christensen has certainly had some ups and down in his time at Laramie. One thing that has not gone wrong has been the four straight Border War victories. No player on the Wyoming has ever lost to Colorado State. They aim to keep that streak intact.

Wyoming sits at 4-2 while the Sheep are below water at 2-4. Due to Mountain West scheduling magic the game is back in Laramie for the second straight year. It is really just due to the Mountain West expanding to 12 teams and two divisions. Before Sheep fans can complain about this being unfair it is important to remember that this just makes up for 2004 and 2005 where they hosted the Border War twice in a row.

Vegas has started off by viewing the Pokes has 6.5 favorites this weekend. Wyoming leads the Bronze Boot series 24-21. Overall the Pokes trail 55-44-5. That second is mainly due to the Sheep dominating the series pre 1935. Therefore they are big of ancient history.