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Pink Steamboat Ruffles Feathers

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Breast Cancer awareness uniform not a fan favorite.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Every Monday the University of Wyoming tweets out what uniform combination the Cowboys will wear in their upcoming game.  With so many uniform combinations it is always exciting to see what the Pokes will be decked out in.   It's also a great use of social media, something the University has certainly improved upon.  Not every combo proves popular and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

The latest uniform the Cowboys wore proved to spark more conversation than usual.

It is a tradition for college football teams to wear pink as part of their uniforms in October as part of breast cancer awareness month.  Wyoming is no stranger to taking part in this tradition.  Most teams will typically go with pink gloves, pink towels, pink shoes or perhaps a decal on the helmet.

Wyoming went all out this year by turning the color of their trademark Steamboat logo pink.  I was disappointed to read so many negative comments from Wyoming fans on message boards regarding this helmets that was worn just one time. It's import to look at the larger picture here.

Pink is never going to mesh well with nearly any schools colors, especially Wyoming's.  This isn't about looks but something that is much bigger.  It's larger than football and wins and losses.  It is about a terrible disease that ruins lives and families.  I'm glad the Cowboys were willing to make a bold statement in their effort to increase awareness.  They were willing to do what other schools weren't and Wyoming fans should be proud of that fact instead of bemoaning it.

It's sad to see that Paul Lukas of UniWatch went out of his way to criticize Wyoming for their uniform selection.