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BorderWar: House Of Horrors

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Nightmare performance by Pokes in Border War.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

I was dreading writing the recap for this game.  I drank a lot of pumpkin beer on Saturday night and this game still happened.  I slept on the bathroom floor, this game still happened.  I was hungover all Sunday, this game still happened.  I worked all day Monday and went for a run, this game still happened.

Sorry Cowboys fans, there is no erasing the memory of what happened in War Memorial Stadium on Saturday.  I tried my darnedest and it just ain't happening.  This game started off poorly for the Cowboys and then went downhill from there.  The Rams scored early and often and just ran away from a Wyoming team that just couldn't seem to get on track on either side of the ball.

Colorado State's offense line dominated the line of scrimmage and opened up huge holes for Kapri Bibbs who ran for 201 yards and three touchdowns.  His teammate Donnell Alexander ran for 77 yards and a score and also caught a 34 yard touchdown pass.  Garret Grayson was a stellar 18 of 23 for 219 yards and three touchdowns.  The one blemish on his day was an interception by Marqueston Huff in the endzone.

After four straight Border War victories this loss certainly takes the wind of out the sails of many Pokes fans.  The next year won't be nearly as fun when running into a Rammie.  This is also a large blemish now on the resume of Coach Christensen.  His streak of four straight Bronze Boots was certainly the highlight of his time here in Laramie.  Well it doesn't mean that he is done at Wyoming by any means, it does provide some ammunition for haters if the rest of this season goes South.

Let's just hope a trip to Cali does this team some good.