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Panel Of Pokes: Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

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Our panel weighs in on the Pokes chances to rebound after a tough Border War loss.


Last week our panel's predictions proved to be not so accurate.  Everyone has promised to do a much better job this time.  If that doesn't work then we promise your money back!

Quick check in on our standings in the Pick Em Contest


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 BlackBoisDen Broncos 44 44-11
2 Connor 43 43-12
3 Macho Camacho Nacho 43 43-12
4 DDR 43 43-12
5 Heart Mountain Thunder 43 43-12

Let's go ahead and check in with our crew.

Matt Blaylock - Poke Pride

Poke Pick: Brett Smith

Score: Wyoming 27 - San Jose 25

Thoughts: In my article on Poke Pride back in June I predicted that SJSU would win this game 27-25. As you can see I have now reversed that. After an embarrassing loss to Colorado State the Cowboys will have something to prove and mark SJSU will be the victim. If Wyoming loses this game you can look for Dave Christensen to be sending out resumes. This is a must win for The Pokes not just to save the season but also to save the head coaches job.


Connor Cunningham - WyoNation

Poke Pick: Dave Christensen, I think DC realizes he messed up badly against CSU and didn't have his boys ready the way they needed to be. He will be on point calling plays and his players should be fired up to get a little revenge from last week. 

38-24 UW

Thoughts on game:
we will win this one, should come out hot and hopefully cause a few turnovers. The Cowboys need this one bad!

Ian McMackin - GoWyoGo

Poke Pick: WR Robert Herron - Herron hasn't made many big plays this season and much has to do with defenses focusing on him, in turn, it has freed Dominic Rufran to make big plays in the passing game. I'll pick Herron to go off this week for some good production in receiving yardage, as the UW offensive coaches find ways to get him into the open field to make plays.

Score: WYOMING 37 San Jose State 31 - I'm expecting the Cowboys to come out motivated to bounce back from Saturday's (very) disappointing performance against CSU in the Border War.

Thoughts on game: Wyoming should come mentally prepared to play on Saturday and I will be surprised, if they don't perform measurably better than they did in the Border War.

San Jose State has some weapons on offense including QB David Fales the UW defense will need to contend, while I expect the Wyoming defense to play with something to prove and enough to get them that extra push to stop the Spartans on some key possessions, plus force a few big turnovers.

The Wyoming offense should get back on track and score enough points to beat no better than an average San Jose State team and I would also expect UW QB Brett Smith to be ready make an ammends for a subpar game against the Rams.

This is a crossroads game for the Wyoming team this season. It will test their desire and character to bounce back from a bitter defeat. A win improves their chances to at least go bowling and stay in the conference race, while a loss will put the Cowboys in a tough spot with three of the league's four best teams left on the schedule and open up more negative questions about the state of the Pokes this season.


Brad Reed - WyoNation

Poke Pick: Brett Smith. I picked Brett last week and umm... well, that didn't go so well. But this week is his time! The Pokes are now facing a must-win game if they want to play in the post season and they need to be able to steal a win on the road. SJSU is ripe for the picking. David Fales does not look like the same David Fales who killed the WAC last year, he's without his favorite target, and SJSU simply isn't that good. Brett should rebound this weekend and lead the Pokes to victory.

Pokes 38. Spartans 27.

Thoughts on game:
Wow.. what happened last week? That was quite simply awful. I don't think anyone played that well last week. The Rams came into the game as a not very good football team and now they have the Boot for the next year. How much does that suck? The Pokes looked beaten and whipped last week and it just kept getting worse as the game went on. That can't happen two weeks in a row.. it just simply can't happen two weeks in a row. As long as there's no lightning in San Jose I think the Pokes offense should get rolling early on and roll the Spartans. I'm not terribly convinced that SJSU is a real good football team. Quick glance at their schedule suggests they've played a lot of road games so far this season. The Cowboy pass defense needs to be ready for a good ol' fashioned WAC shootout in this one. Fales isn't the same quarterback he was last year, but if he gets rolling the Spartans are going to score some points. Luckily they're not real adept at rushing the football. Hopefully we get big games from Blair Burns and Marqueston Huff. Colorado State, I'm afraid, may have laid a blue print for pounding on the Pokes defense. If the offense gets off to a slow start and Smith turns the ball over at all this one could get out of hand. As long as Smith plays smart football, doesn't turn the ball over, uses his legs, and starts off hot the Pokes should roll. I have a good feeling about this game. Pokes win.


Matt Hargleroad - Cowboy Altitude

Poke Pick: Marqueston Huff

Score: San Jose State - 34 Wyoming 27

Thoughts on the game: After their performance in the Border War it is hard to have much confidence in the Cowboys.  A bounce back would be fantastic but it seems like they are heading in a downward spiral.  The big loss to Texas State, narrow win over New Mexico and of course the Border War.  The Spartans have won two in a row and coming off a bye week.  I don't see the Cowboys coming out on top, however I would love to be proven wrong.