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Wyoming Axes DC Chris Tormey With Four Games Remaining

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Enough was enough.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

After allowing 50+ points in the last two games, something needed to change.  That happened on Tuesday morning when it was announced by the University of Wyoming that defensive coordinator Chris Tormey had been relieved of his duties.

"I felt that we needed to make a change at this time to give our football team and the young men on it the best opportunity to win our remaining four regular-season games," said Christensen.  "The last two weeks, our defense has not performed up to the expectations of our coaching staff, our players, nor our fans."

Taking over for Tormey will be defensive line coach Jamar Cain who is in his first year in Laramie.  This move is surprising, though also not surprising.  Wyoming went from 4-2 to 4-4 in a two weeks and and the season now hangs in the balance.  These were the only two times that the Cowboys have given up 50 points or more under Dave Christensen.  Coach Christensen's job may also be in peril if things don't turn around.  He has been friends with Tormey for a long time but needed to do something and this easiest way to do shake things up?  A sacrificial lamb?  Perhaps.... I think this was the most logical move that could be made.

With four games remaining there is still the chance to salvage the season.  The offense can play with anyone they face.  What matters is finding out a way to stop undefeated Fresno State and talented Boise State and Utah State squads from running up the score.  With the bye week, the Cowboys will have two weeks to prepare and get adjusted to life under Cain.

At 34 years old Cain brings a much younger mentality to the position.  He should be able to relate well to the players and hopefully get something more out of them.  Cain also does a nice job of using social media.    He is pretty much the complete opposite of Tormey.

Fans have been begging for Tormey to be let go for several weeks or for over a year depending on the fan.  What happens next remains to be seen.  It certainly adds some excitement and hope for the rest of the year.  It was really hard to imagine the Cowboys playing very well against Fresno State after their last two performances.  Now we can attempt to reaffirm our hope in miracles.


Was this the right move?

Is Cain the best man for the job?