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Strong Second Half Propels Fresno State In 48-10 Victory Over Wyoming

Cowboys losing streak extends to three.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Wyoming failed like eight other teams this year, there was no stopping the Fresno State Bulldogs.  The offense struck early and the defense got some stops in the first half.  After that 14-10 lead it was game over in the second half.  Derek Carr and Bulldogs outscored Wyoming 34-0 over the final two quarters.  It was actually 48 straight points.

Despite giving up 48 points, it at least broke the streak of 50+ points given up by the defense.  Also Fresno State was held scoreless in the first quarter for the first time this year.  Tedder Easton's 79 yard run and Marqueston Huff's blocked field goal were the only major highlights for the Pokes.

The offense struggled to move the ball against an aggressive Fresno State defense.  The result was a season low 296 total yards of offense.  With Jamar Cain taking over as interim defensive coordinator, he did have the defense playing much better in the first half.  Still Rome was not built in a day.  It will take more than just a week and a half to turn things around.

Kudos to an impressive Fresno State team.  If it wasn't for a plethora of dropped passes in the first half this game would have been an even larger blowout.  From this point forward I hope they continue to win and make a BCS game.  A BCS buster is great for the Mountain West in terms of exposure and bowl money.  Their offense will keep them in any game.

For the Pokes it is time to regroup once again.  A trip to Boise offers another opportunity to redeem themselves on primetime.   This is not the same caliber Broncos team of previous years.  It won't be easy to win on the blue turf, surprisingly odds makers don't see the Cowboys putting up much of a fight.  The Pokes are 22 underdogs, which seems  drastically high to me.