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Panel Of Pokes: Boise State Of Mind

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Can the Cowboys pull off the upset on the blue turf?

Otto Kitsinger III

Next Game

This three game slide is taking it's toll on the Cowboy faithful.  Playing in Boise State is no easy task, is there hope for Wyoming this weekend?  Our panel weighs in on the Pokes chances this Saturday night.

Quick update on Pick Em' Standings.


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 Heart Mountain Thunder 59 59-14
2 BlackBoisDen Broncos 59 59-14
3 DDR 58 58-15
4 Macho Camacho Nacho 58 58-15
5 Parson 57 57-16

Ian McMackin - GoWyoGo

Poke Pick: WR Robert Herron: I look for Herron to get free for a couple big plays and rack up some yardage in receiving, and help get the Cowboys some points against the Broncos.


Thoughts on the game:
The key to this game will be Boise State's ability run the ball successfully and the Broncos will stretch the lead in the second half and pull away. I see the Cowboys coming out early and playing with some success and energy on defense (similiar to the Fresno State game) and having more success on offense during the course of the game, with big plays coming in the passing game from Brett Smith. 

For the Pokes to pull an upset, they'll need play above their heads on defense, and have a game of the ages and get back to doing better on offense with both the passing and running game. Also finding a few key turnovers in big parts of the game and doing a better job mixing it up on both sides of the ball.

Though at the end of the day, it's hard for me to pick the Cowboys in an upset win since there isn't much evidence they can play above their heads defensively. Playing on the road at Boise State, in the best home atmosphere in the league and a Bronco team that is dominate on the blue field, head coach Dave Christensen's team has a tough task ahead, particularly considering they are desperating need that one win (outside the Hawaii) game to gain bowl eligibility.

Boise State's wins the trenches on both sides and pulls away in the second half.


Matt Blaylock - PokePride

Poke Pick - Lucas Wacha

Score - Wyoming 36 Boise State 33

Thoughts - I picked that score back in June so I will stick with it but anyone who has watched Wyoming football lately can tell that Dave Christensen has lost the team and it makes me wonder if the team has lost faith in their head coach? If the team can keep up the intensity they show at the start of games then they could pull off the upset on the Smurf turf, but that is a BIG IF. 

The offensive line has to give Brett Smith time to throw the ball or The Pokes have no chance. Smith needs to bring his A game and lately he has not looked like the quarterback he was a few weeks ago. The one thing Christensen has to realize is he cannot run the ball his offensive schemes work best in a no huddle passing game. The only chance the Cowboys have is if the head coach opens up the playbook and can catch the Broncos sleeping. I picked the Cowboys to win a long time ago but I now have my doubts.


Brad Reed - WyoNation

Poke Pick: It's Brett Smith or bust. Smith has to break out of this mini-slump he's in and will this offense to move the football. It ebbs and flows with him, and the last game against a very poor defense we saw almost nothing out of the offense for three quarters. Brett Smith needs to get back to being Brett Smith.. being a true dual threat quarterback who can make a defense pay with his arm and his legs. If that doesn't happen, well, we'll be turning the game off about the 3rd quarter.

Score: Boise 48, Wyoming 24.

Thoughts on the game: Man, it's rough being a Wyoming fan sometimes (all the time). The Pokes looked like they were going to put a cowboy boot right up the Fresno State defense's arse on Saturday night then came crashing back to Earth half way through the 2nd quarter. You could just feel the momentum slip away and Derek Carr go to work and do what he does best. The Cowboys aren't facing as good of an offense this week, but probably much better of a defense. Boise started the year kind of "blah" but now that Idaho's most famous mustache (Joe Southwick) has been lost and Grant Hedrick is starting at quarterback the offense looks pretty good. Jay Ajayi is a good runner, though, he can be careless with the football at times. So how does the Cowboy defense stop Boise? Well, I'd say they better hope for a good ol' fashioned WAC track meet and get the last possession. Brett Smith hasn't looked like himself the last few games, not since Air Force. Defenses have been figuring this offense out and keeping a person on Brett Smith at all times and forcing Wick and Miller to beat them on the ground. Through the air it seems like we're not hearing a lot from Dominic Rufran and Robert Herron's name called a lot.. this would be a great week to hear their names called a lot. Boise can beat Wyoming with many weapons, but I feel like Wyoming can do the same. Historically games vs Boise haven't been kind to the Pokes, but if there was going to be a year to beat the Broncos, it's this year because these aren't your world beater Broncos, which about the best you could ask for if you're playing against them. I'd love to see a win this weekend in primetime ESPN, but I just don't know if it's there. Go Pokes!


Connor Cunningham - WyoNation

Poke Pick: Marqueston Huff- he's played well this season and plays as hard as anyone on the team. I think he makes a couple big plays Saturday night 

Boise 38 Pokes 21

Thoughts on the game:
judging the pokes off their last few games, I have no reason to think they can pull this off on the road. The defense is not good and Brett Smith has been a little off of his game lately. Wyoming can play with Boise if the offense comes out and scores points. The key word being IF, such a big word for only having 2 letters.


Matt Hargleroad - Cowboy Altitude

Poke Pick: Eddie Yarbrough - He'll need to step up and become a verbal leader in this game.  The run stoppers need to keep Ajayi in check.

Score: Wyoming 34 Boise State 31

Thoughts on the game: The numbers don't stack up in the Cowboys favor for this one.  A powerful Boise running game facing a Wyoming defense that is in turmoil.  Winning on the blue turf is always a rarity for road teams.  Luckily Wyoming has one secret weapon in their favor.  I arrived in Boise this afternoon and will be attending the game with a few other Cowboy fans.  The Cowboys have won the last four games I've attended: @ Air Force (2013), Colorado State (2012), @ Idaho (2012), @ Colorado State (2011).  None of those teams have been on the same level as Boise.  Still I can't pick the Pokes to lose a game that I spent all the time to get here.