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Calling All Wyoming football fans: Who's got a horse?

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We're looking for a good time this weekend, Laramie: SB Nation is headed to Fresno State vs. Wyoming.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings and Powder River and such. My name is Steven Godfrey, SB Nation's resident college sports reporter person. As a not-so-closeted Wyoming fan, I'm set to visit Laramie this weekend for the 'Pokes' game vs. undefeated Fresno State and like any selfish member of the college football media, I'm looking to absorb your hospitality in the name of noble journalism:

Do you tailgate in Laramie before Wyoming games? Where? Can I come? What are you cooking? Can I have some?

We've heard rumors that some folks ride horses in and around tailgates. If this is true, it's awesome, and we'd like to partake. We would like to ride your horses, Wyoming. Literally.

What does the average Wyoming fan do in Laramie / Cheyenne on the Friday night before the game? Where do they do that? Can I come?

Are you a Wyoming fan headed to the game from a far-flung area? Driving from Jackson Hole or Cody, or from further out? I want to talk to you!

Also, we'd like some snow during the game. Who do we talk to about that?

Contact Steven Godfrey at sgodjr - at - sbnation - dot - com, or on Twitter: @38Godfrey. Powder River.