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Reports Indicate That Coach Christensen Is Out

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Little time was wasted this morning in making a decision.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

With the regular season complete for a majority of teams, the offseason firing and hiring process has begun.  Despite being last in FBS alphabetically, Wyoming decided to be first in terms of moving in a new direction.  Numerous reports are all in agreement that Dave Christensen will be resigning as head coach of the Wyoming Cowboys.  It appears all that we are waiting on is an official press release from the Wyoming Athletic Department.  That should come either later today or more likely tomorrow when school is back in session.

AD Tom Burman was supposed to be meeting with Christensen today.  Football Scoop reported on the meeting this morning and was the first to indicate that Christensen was out.

Dan Wolken of USA Today later confirmed the report.

On the local level, Scott Nulph also confirmed reports of a decision being made.  With so many leaks, it certainly looks to be a solid conclusion that there will be change in Laramie.

The five year tenure of Christensen was full of ups and down.  He was a polarizing character that wouldn't win many hearts for his personality.  He stuck to coach speak a majority of his time and his first three years were filled with policies that made him unpopular with the media.

The "Howdy Doowdy" incident last year cast a negative light on Wyoming and brought unwelcome publicity.  His offense steadily improved each year and became one of the best in the nation this year.  That event led to a softer side appearing.  Unfortunately, the defense steadily declined and the quick strike offense put extra pressure on a defensive unit that was short on numbers.  There never seemed to be a ton of support amongst the players for Christensen.

One of the biggest contributions that Christensen made was in the image of the program.  He dropped New Balance (which had no recruiting appeal) for the uber popular Nike.  Then steadily over his tenure introduced fresh and innovative uniform combinations.  The program helped utilize social media in order to better fans and recruits.

While the Cowboys did make two appearances in the New Mexico Bowl, there were no signature victories that Christensen could hang his hat on.  The two winning seasons were stuffed with narrow victories over sub .500 teams.

Whoever takes over as head coach of the Cowboys will inherit plenty of talent on offense.  Roster turnover is a natural part of any head coaching change.  It was severe when Christensen came in 2009, hope that is not this case this time around.

I wish Christensen the best in the future and appreciate the time he spent in Laramie.  I have no doubt that he will be able to find another coaching job soon if he wishes.