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Possible Coaching Candidates For Wyoming

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The coaching search begins now. Who could Tom Burman be interviewing?


Even though Joe Glenn and Dave Christensen had different personalities and philosophies the end result was the same.  If you don't win, you don't stay.

Tom Burman just announced that Dave Christensen is officially out at Wyoming.

"We have come to a point where our football program has not achieved at the level of success that we expect, and we know from past experience that we can be successful," said Burman.  "It is with that in mind that we move forward in search of a new leader for Cowboy Football.

"We want to thank Coach (Dave) Christensen and his family for their five years of service to the University of Wyoming."

His current contract has three years remaining on it, and was scheduled to run through Dec. 31, 2016.  Under the terms of his contract, the University of Wyoming will pay him his base salary of $190,008 for the remaining three years of his contract for a total of $570,024.  The buyout will be paid with non-state dollars.

Now the Cowboys are looking for their 32nd head coach.

The hiring period could take a while if some candidates are part of teams that are coaching in bowl games.  Still there will be plenty of speculation on those who will be/should be interested.  Coaching in Laramie is no easy task, finding a coach eager to take over this program not always an easy task.  It takes a special person to appreciate what Wyoming offers and feel at home.  The small size, weather and isolation can make it difficult place to live, work and play.

Here are few names that Tom Burman could be looking towards.

Mike Breske - Defensive Coordinator at Washington State

Cowboy fans are still mad that Breske wasn't retained when Christensen took over.  Under Joe Glenn, Breske turned the Pokes into one of the top toughest defenses in the nation.  In 2006 the Cowboys were ranked ninth in the nation in total defense, while they were 22nd in 2007 and 43rd in 2008.  That tough defense resonated well with hearty Cowboy fans.  Instead Marty English was retained due to his recruiting contacts in Colorado,  Breske went back to Montana where he kept the Grizz amongst the best defenses in FCS.  Breske was hired by Mike Leach when the pirate took over at Washington State.  While the Cougar defense hasn't been stellar, they are now bowl eligible for the first time in ages.

Bob Stitt - Head Coach at Colorado School of Mines

The offensive guru at Division 2 "Mines" became an internet sensation last year when Dana Holgorson of West Virginia name dropped him after their victory.  The Mountaineers dismantled Clemson in the Orange Bowl using the "fly sweep" that Stitt innovated.  He is a truly a mastermind when it comes to X's and O's.  The Orediggers have been very successful in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference despite the difficulty of recruiting there.  As a  highly ranked engineering school there are only a small number of athletes that are capable of qualifying academically.  Regardless Stitt is 98-60 in 14 seasons, he is familiar with the Front Range and knows to recruit to small schools, and make the most of the athletes he has on the roster.  Stitt was born in Nebraska and got his master's degree at Northern Colorado.  He was a candidate for the Colorado opening last year.

Gregg Brandon - Offensive Coordinator at New Mexico State

Brandon spent two years as offensive coordinator at Wyoming before Christensen replaced him with himself.  At the time it seemed like Brandon would be the heir apparent incase Christensen ever left.  During his time at Bowling Green he led the Falcons to a 44-30 record and three bowl games.  His familiarity with the players and system could make a very smooth transition.  The big question is if he would represent enough of a change or be able to bring anything new with him.

There will be a number of other high end coordinators that will be on the wish list of Pokes fans.  The struggle is that those big names will draw plenty of interest from larger programs.  What do you think of the three names I've listed?  Who would you like to see interviewed?