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Join Our Bowl Pick Em' Group!

Better late than never.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl season is just around the corner.  Even though Wyoming isn't taking part this, we'll still be glued to the screen for the next several weeks.  Take advantage of college football while you still can!

Every year we've done a Bowl Pick Em' group every year and this is no different.  A little late on getting this started but you still have two days to get everything filled out.  It doesn't take long either.  If you are unsure of a pick then be sure to ask your small child or significant other who has little to no knowledge of sports.  Their gut instinct will never lead you wrong.

PRIZES: Fortune and glory.

Well there is no physical or monetary prize.  But you do get to enjoy this clip from Temple of Doom.

To join to group just follow this link to sign up page on Yahoo.  No cost to you.


Good luck to everyone!  Feel free to share with your friends, family and mortal enemies.