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A Look At How Craig Bohl Will Transition From North Dakota State To Wyoming

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December will be a very busy month for Craig Bohl. He may not be in Laramie for awhile though.

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With the late breaking news yesterday that Wyoming will hire Craig Bohl as their next head coach, it left plenty of questions for both programs.  Wyoming is anxious to get their new coach installed as quickly as possible in order to help get him settled.  That process could take longer than expected.

Coach Bohl spoke at his usual Sunday talk show and confirmed that he has accepted the position at Wyoming.  However he will remain in Fargo and continue to lead the Bison until their season is complete.  With the FCS playoff system that means he could be in Laramie in a week or possibly as late as January.  FCS quarterfinals take place December 13-14, Semifinals are December 20-21 and the Championship is January 4th.  This will certainly put a delay in the recruiting process.

That impact be smaller than expected with the longer recruiting dead period that the NCAA instituted this year.  This takes place from December 16-January 15th.  This means that no in person recruiting can take place.  He can still make sure that letters and phone calls are being made to recruits no matter where he is at the moment.  If he is able to add a third national title it will only help draw interest in Wyoming.  There is a restriction where Bohl can't make contact with current NDSU commits or recruits for a year.

The second big question is what kind of staff Bohl will put together.  Football Scoop is giving us the idea that it will heavily resemble the staff he has in place in Fargo.

Wyoming: Sources tell us that Craig Bohl has offered positions at Wyoming to offensive coordinator Brent Vigen, defensive coordinator Chris Klieman, recruiting coordinator (receivers) Kenni Burns, linebackers coach Steve Stanard and offensive line coach Scott Fuchs. We also hear that at this time, Bohl plans to continue to coach his NDSU team through their playoff run.

I think the philosophy of "don't fix what isn't broken" applies well here.  This is a proven group that he trusts and works well with.  There are still a number of other positions that can be filled and help add strengths in other areas. By keeping so many of his current the transition period should be much quicker than most new hires.