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Wyoming To Replace War Memorial Turf In 2013

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University of Wyoming to replace turf a year ahead of schedule.


War Memorial Stadium had the Wildcatter Suites added back in 2010. The football team has debuted several new uniforms the last several years. Now there will be another facelift applied to War Memorial Stadium. The University has hired an as of yet unnamed contractor to replace the turf in just a couple months after spring football is completed.

The turf was set to be replaced in 2014 but in a wise move it will be done a year in advance. The color has certainly faded and while it wasn't unsafe, it looked like one of the poorer fields in the Mountain West. With a change in the turf there is also an opportunity to enhance the image and marketing of the school. Non traditional colors have become a popular trend but AD Tom Burman squashed that possibility.

But Burman added UW will not pursue a Boise-State like approach with its turf, ending speculation from some fans that the new turf will have a team-color feel.

"It's not going to be brown or gold," the athletic director said.

I would have liked to see Wyoming go with a gold field for a couple reasons:

Even though they won't go with a colored field there are still some other changes that could be made. Some possibilities that Burman said would be considered would be a new endzone design and using team colors to outline the yard lines. I would expect that the Mountain West logo will now be in brown and gold. It will look much better than the purple that was required when the logo was first debuted.

Decisions on a new design should be decided within the next 30-45 days.


Anything particular you want to see in the turf? Special endzone design or logos?