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A Look At Wyoming Football Winter Conditioning

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The Pokes are working hard in the IPF this winter.

Watching this video got me really excited and I just had to share it. The eternal optimist inside me predicts great things ahead for the Cowboys. Spring football is still a month away but training and conditioning is well underway. Great to have a chance to see the team at work.

With 18 athletes redshirted in 2012, minimal losses on the roster and an infusion of junior college players you have to be excited about the depth and competition in camp this year. There are still plenty of questions that need be answered before Wyoming can be considered a contender in a much improved Mountain West. The defense is the biggest question mark after two rough years. The loss of three seniors on the offensive line also creates the potential for a step back for the offense. A strong offensive line will be crucial if Wyoming hopes to improve their run game. Hopefully we'll get some answers to some of these questions over the next couple months.

I thought the choice of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons was a great fit. The music video for that song is incredibly bizarre if you haven't seen it.