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Join Us For National Signing Day

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What happens on February 6th will have huge implications down the road.


There are plenty of festivities and coverage happening for Wyoming on National Signing Day. Make sure you spend as much time possible checking out Cowboy Altitude on National Signing Day to get the best coverage. I've taken the day off of work and will be with you throughout the day.

Here are a few items that you can expect to have on the site tomorrow:

  • Open Thread starting at 10 AM MST. We can discuss the class and share your thoughts on who will make an impact. We'll also post updates during the press conference in the afternoon when the class is announced.
  • Projections on the class, who makes an early impact, who redshirts and other tidbits.
  • Breakdown and analysis of the recruiting class. Strengths and weaknesses.

Signing Day is always one of the best days for a college football fan. Make sure you visit Cowboy Altitude throughout the day as news come out.