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Wyoming Recruiting: Geography Of Cowboy Recruits Continues To Evolve

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Wyoming finds players from far and near in their 2013 class.

Oli Scarff

The changing landscape of the Mountain West and roster of coaches has effected where the Wyoming staff is recruiting. It seems like whenever the Cowboys seem to have a foothold in an area they end up finding recruits elsewhere the next year.

With so few D1 prospects coming from Wyoming it makes it hard for the Cowboys coaching staff to have many local recruits to fill up their recruiting classes. Every recruiting class has had a different geographical essence and 2013 is no different.

Let's take at the first four recruiting classes under Dave Christensen to see to how each class has evolved.

  • 2009 - The first recruiting class was put together in a hurry and has a heavy Colorado tilt with six members. Certainly a Front Range flavor as it appeared that DC would stay local. Pair of commits from California, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • 2010 -Guttentag! Recruiting goes international with members from Canada and Germany. Really a balanced class with four Colorado recruits leading the way. Washington, Missouri and Texas all add a pair.
  • 2011 - Hello Texas! The Cowboys sign eight players from the Lone Star State and it would have been nine but one failed to qualify academically. Colorado is second with four members. Arizona, Germany, Illinois and Washington all have a couple. No California recruits.
  • 2012 - Hello West Coast! California takes the top spot with six members and is followed closely by Washington with five. Texas drops down to three. Australia and Germany contribute one member. Zero signees from Colorado.
  • 2013 - California is King with six and is followed closely by Colorado who makes a triumphant return with five. Arizona does nicely with four while Illinois adds a pair. Not a single signee from Texas, Washington or overseas.

So in three years we've seen the number of commits from Texas drop from eight to none. Meanwhile in two years California has become the go to spot for Cowboy recruiting. They were able to get a strong Front Range presence again in the 2013 class. I certainly wouldn't say that Wyoming has given up on recruiting Texas or Washington. They offered a number of athletes from both states but just never had any commits. Obviously there is plenty of talent in Texas but it seems the adjustment to Laramie has not been an easy one for a number of Texas recruits. Now that TCU is gone it will be tougher to recruit that part of the country.

With three California schools now in the Mountain West I would except future recruiting classes to have a West Coast flavor. Thought it seems like whenever you try and pinpoint where Wyoming is recruiting things will change. You can't depend on international recruiting. It will be interesting to see if the Pokes continue to look outside the US for talent.

Here is the projected geographical breakdown of the 2013 recruiting class by state:

  • CA - 6
  • CO - 5
  • AZ -4
  • IL - 2
  • HI - 1
  • VA - 1
  • WI - 1
  • WY - 1