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Wyoming Recruiting: Video Highlights Of The Newest Cowboys

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See your future Pokes right after they signed.


The University of Wyoming has done a fantastic job on National Signing Day. As the National Letter of Intent is faxed in they have announced it right away on Twitter and shortly afterwards a highlight video is posted on YouTube. They are really on top of things this year. Their use of social media has really stepped recently. Later today they will also live stream the Signing Day press conference. You have to pay to watch. I will be posting highlights from the conference in our open thread.

To make things easier for you we've compiled those video highlights of the newest Cowboys in one place. We will update this article as more names are added to that list. They are making my job way easier this year. Much appreciated!

Share your thoughts on the highlights in the comments below. Anything you see that sticks out or someone that impresses you?