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Join Our Tournament Pick' Em Group

The Annual Cowboy Altitude NCAA Tourney is back!


The Cowboys aren't making the NCAA Tourney but plenty of Mountain West teams will be dancing. Hopefully there will be five teams. The official brackets will be announced this afternoon but we decided to create our group ahead of time. Get signed up early and you can make your picks later on.

Once again we are using Yahoo to run the group. It is quick, easy and FREE to sign up. Feel free to share this with as many Wyoming/Mountain West/Random People you know.

GROUP ID: 63457

PASSWORD: gopokes

Here is a direct link to the group page.

Also if you are running an office pool there will be printable brackets that SB Nation will have available later tonight. I will be sure to post them on the site to help you find them easier. Hope the Mountain West gets some respect in the field. Most projections have Boise State included and that is well deserved. New Mexico is fighting to be a #2 seed.

Let the March Madness begin!