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A Video Look At Lehigh

We got some learnin' from YouTube.


A picture is worth a thousand words. So putting up a bunch of videos about Lehigh will probably give you a better idea of the Pennsylvania based school then me writing several thousand words. Even I did write that much about this game would you even read all of it? Probably not, so let's just save each of us some time here and let YouTube tell us everything we need to know about the Lehigh Mountain Hawks.

What could possibly go wrong?

BTW, I like how Lehigh distinguishes themselves as the MOUNTAIN Hawks. Not a certain color of hawk like the Redhawks or a marine based hawk (see Seahawks). These hawks live in the damn Mountains and you'd better not forget it. Not a grassy knoll or a mound, it is a freaking MOUNTAIN. The elevation of Bethlehem, PA is 360 feet.

Lehigh was formerly known as the Engineers till they decided to go with Brown and White (school colors) and then later switched to the Mountain Hawks.

You can learn a lot from a Harlem Shake video.

This made me really dizzy and want to punch these kids.

Anyone that beats Duke is cool with me.

At least there is no lip syncing in this video.

There is no shortage of hate for Lafayette.