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CBI: Wyoming Nips Lehigh With Buzzer Beater

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Sobey sinks three to help Cowboys advance to second round

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

There may have been a huge increase in heart attacks in the 307 on Tuesday night. The Cowboys ended up in a shootout with the Lehigh Mountain Hawks and it came down to the very last second. Trailing 66-64 Wyoming had five seconds remaining to get a shot off. Josh Adams took the inbound and raced down the side of the court. As Adams neared the basket he cut towards the key and then passed it to a wide open Nathan Sobey who was standing in the corner and drained a trey just before time expired.

Sobey was swarmed by his teammates and the Pokes will advance to second round of the CBI for the second straight year. The shot made #2 on Sportscenter Top 10 plays. There hasn't been an exciting moment like that in the AA in quite awhile.

The Cowboys will host the winner of the North Dakota State - Western Michigan game that is on Wednesday. That game will played on Monday in Laramie. With so much that has gone wrong for Wyoming recently it was great to see them hang tough and pull this one out. Leonard Washington was a non factor in the game as he tweaked his back in warmups and only played two minutes before calling it a night. Hopefully the extended break will be enough to get him fully healthy.

In the first half the star was Derrious Gilmore who came out shooting. He hit five three pointers in the first half and finished with 25 points to lead all scorers. Larry Nance Jr. came on strong in the second half as he scored 15 of his 20 points and was confident in his shots. Despite the strong offense Wyoming still trailed for most of the second half. They had to claw their way back from a seven point deficit to setup all for the heroics from Sobey.

This was truly a gutty win for Wyoming that unfortunately was only witnessed by 1,528 in attendance. With spring break happening Laramie is a ghost town this week. There should be better attendance next week when the students are back on campus. The game was televised which was a perk but you had to deal with some fairly bland announcing. Hearing the formulaic height, weight and hometown for each player who touched the ball was annoying. Oh well, you don't expect much from AXS which never shows basketball except for the CBI.

Wyoming finally earned that 20th win on the year and sits at 20-13 currently. After a 13-0 start it seemed like the Pokes would have reached that point a month ago. We all know what has occurred and made the last two months such a struggle. Here is to this streak extending even further!