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National Corndog Day Approaches!

A day full of hoops and gluttony is a wonderful combination.


The first four games of the tournament have not gone well for the Mountain West. All of that disappointment can be drowned out on Saturday thanks to one of the great holidays ever created.

Yes, once again National Corndog Day has returned to combine several great things: college basketball with corndogs, tater tots and beer. The gastronomical holiday that takes placed on the first Saturday of the NCAA tournament is really one of the most unique events in sports.

To get fully prepared check out the official website. Two years ago they even went with a Cowboy themed poster to help celebrate. Really this holiday is all about celebrating America. This video confirms officially confirms that.

If you are feeling up for a challenge you can attempt the triple double.

That requires you to ingest.....

  • 10 Corndogs
  • 10 Beers
  • 100 Tater tots (10 units of 10 tots)

You have all Saturday to complete this challenge. Did you really need an excuse to start drinking early?