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New Beginnings

A fresh start is always a good thing.


On April 1st you can typically go with two different types of posts: April Fools Day story or an MLB Opening Day post. This year I'm opting for the latter.

This has nothing to do with Wyoming but it is a sports related post.

After spending five years working for four different minor league baseball teams the official start of baseball season always has a special meaning to me. The start of college football and basketball is certainly exciting but the length and pacing of a baseball season is a whole different beast. With 162 games baseball is a journey that lasts half the year. With spring upon us it also represents a new beginning that matches nature's resurgence.

Whether you are a fan of the NL or AL every team starts with a 0-0 record. Even if your team has an abysmal history (like my Cubs) you can still hold out hope that this is the year that the miracle of miracles finally happen.

Enjoy the start of a new baseball season everyone. Now back to your regularly scheduled Wyoming coverage.