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Jerron Granberry Transfers From UNF To Wyoming

Senior wing will have one year of eligibility remaining.


The final scholarship is finally spoken for after Wyoming got some good news today. Tom Lacock of GoWyoGo.Com was the first to report that senior wing Jerron Granberry will be transferring from North Florida to Wyoming for his final year of eligibility.

Granberry missed a majority of this last season after his father died, he went home in order to spend time with his family. Now Granberry is graduating on Friday and will be able to play right away as he will be starting his Masters study at Wyoming. The 6-5 225 wing averaged 10.6 points and 3.3 points during his career at North Florida. He is a three point specialist who has averaged over 35% from behind the arc. He is also a career 80% plus free throw shooter.

Even though he is from Florida you can expect that Granberry will feel right at home in Laramie. He is best friends with fellow transfer Charles Hankerson Jr. who came from Alabama last year and will be able to play this fall. The chance to reunite with Hankerson is something that has him very excited.

Granberry said having a chance to play with Hankerson his best friend was the primary reason he picked UW.

"I think me and Hank have similar games," said Granberry Tuesday afternoon. "I think he is a better slasher than me. I think I am a better shooter and a little more athletic.

"When great players get together are on the same team, there is going to be a great connection and we fed off each other. I think our friendship made us both unselfish. I wanted to see him achieve more than I did, and I think he felt the same way.

"With us on the wing and some of the other players that are there, we are going to be an exciting team to watch. I can probably spread the court (for guys like Larry Nance Jr. and Derek Cooke Jr. inside) and get them some easy dunks.

Another connection is assistant coach Jeremy Shyatt who was previously at North Florida before joining his dad when he returned to Laramie.

The Cowboys now have a veteran wing player with great size and solid outside shot. It is basically like getting Luke Martinez back for a full season. Also it will allow Wyoming to have another scholarship available in 2014 where Wyoming is currently targeting some big talent out of Colorado. With the loss of Derrious Gilmore and Leonard Washington adding another veteran presence is certainly needed on the roster. This could be a big boost as Wyoming looks to take a step up in the standings as other Mountain West teams undergo significant roster changes.