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Cowboys Prepare For Spring Game

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Wyoming wraps up spring practice on Saturday with Brown and Gold game.

Spring football is quickly coming to a close. The Brown and Gold game kicks off at 2 PM at War Memorial Stadium to conclude the spring football season.

Instead of doing a draft the coaching staff is keeping their units together. The #1 offense will face the #2 defense while the #2 offense faces the #1 defense. This will obviously create some mismatches, it will be interesting to see if the second string is able to make much of an impact against the top unit.

The last week has seen some position swapping as some players have gone down with injuries. This has left the coaching staff with the opportunity to move a few guys around and see how they respond. DE Justin Bernthaler and S Jesse Sampson were both injured and will not play on Saturday.

As a result Marqueston Huff has been seeing time at safety. He played safety in high school and has enjoyed the move so far. Eddie Yarbrough has spent some time at defensive tackle instead of playing on the end. This has allowed Sonny Puletasi to move from BUCK to end. This obviously creates a smaller defensive line but it could very useful to practice this now if they want to utilize a quicker and more athletic line in pass rush situations.

There have also been a few subtractions from the roster recently. Safety Andrew Meredith and DE/LB Andrew Meredith have both left the team and will not play their senior years. Each has been mainly a contributor on special forces for most of their career. Still losing veterans who have been with the program so long and know the in's and out's can be a big loss. Rouche was listed as the #2 DE behind Yarbrough.

Tyler Strong is also hurt and will miss the spring game. Will the defense be able to feast on a weakened offensive line?

Here is the full roster for the offense and defense.