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Cowboys Scrimmage, Lose A Punter

A little bit of scrimmage to end the week for the Pokes.

We have the first roster causality of the spring football season as Australian punter Tim Gleeson will not be returning to Laramie after this semester.

"Tim (Gleeson) is going to finish up the semester, and then he's going to go home for personal reasons to Australia, and we won't have him with us next year. We have a couple guys (punters) we're looking at bringing in. He's had some personal issues and its best for him to go back home and take care of those things."

I actually expected something like this to occur. Wyoming offered another punter back a couple months ago and Gleeson actually retweeted it back in February. Ruben Guzman who is mentioned in the tweet ended up committing to Hawaii.

Gleeson got off to a rough start last season in the Texas game. That was a huge stage for someone to start your college career. Afterwards he certainly got more comfortable and became a reliable weapon as the season progressed. He ended up averaging 43 yards a punt and was poised to become of one of the top punters in the conference. The special forces have certainly take a hit on the depth chart with Daniel Sullivan and Gleeson not returning.

Alright now let's get to some of the scrimmage new. This was just a partial scrimmage as the team just used the final hour of practice to run 100 plays. Typically we've seen the defense dominate in the early scrimmages but that was not the case today as the offense rolled 73-23. Certainly good to see the offense to get off to such a solid start. While it may lead to concern about the defense Christensen tallied it up to having so many new players on that side of the ball. I'll buy that for the time being. This wasn't a full scrimmage either.

Let's take a look at some of the highlight for the offense.

All the quarterbacks performed well as they combined to go 44-58 for 559 yards and five touchdowns with no interceptions. Jason Thompson worked with the #2 offense and completed 21-27 passes and two touchdowns. Brett Smith worked with the first unit and went 11-16 and one touchdown.

There was a standout performance by Nico Brown who caught seven passes for 137 yards and two touchdowns. Keenan Montgomery caught eight balls for 117 yards. Leading the veterans were Dominic Rufran with six catches for 49 yards and Robert Herron with four catches for 50 yards and a touchdown.

The run game was very spread out with six players getting carries. Overall the offense gained 120 yards on 29 carries for a hair over four yards per carry. D.J. May was the only running back to score a touchdown on the day.

Here are some of the top performers on defense.

Two junior college players that have impressed so far are LB Jordan Stanton and S Jesse Sampson. Stanton has proven to be a hard hitter and finished with five tackles and a forced fumble. Sampson had four tackles on Friday and has some interceptions in earlier practices. Mark Nzeocha led the team with seven tackles. Nehemie Kankolongo made his debut at linebacker and finished six tackles. Lucas Wacha also had six tackles in the scrimmage.

The first full scrimmage will be on Wednesday next week. The first depth chart will be released on Friday.

Here are the full stats from the scrimmage on Friday.