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School's Out For Summer

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Laramie just got a whole lot quieter.

Mark Nolan

Last week finals wrapped up and over the weekend graduation took place as seniors completed their career at Wyoming. Students packed up their belongings and headed home for the summer. A majority will be staying home for the next three plus months. For most athletes they will spend a few weeks at home and then be back at Laramie to take summer classes and get in some more training.

News may slow down but there is still plenty happening around campus. The turf at War Memorial will begin to be replaced.

Th AA will also start renovations next March. The University just hired a contractor who will handle Phase 1 of the project. Pretty exciting project.

The initial renovations will include:

The first phase of the A-A project will involve expansion and replacement of the basketball court floor to provide two practice courts and reorientation of the competition court; reconfiguration and replacement of the seating in the lower bowl to include up to 500 club seats, as well as dedicated media, band and student sections; renovation of most of the current locker room level; installation of upgraded lights and new video boards, LED ribbon boards and sound system; and life-safety and Americans with Disabilities Act improvements.

Those improvements will help the athletes as well as the fans. It will allow better practices to take place and really enhance the game day environment.

Coaches have been hitting the recruiting trail hard. The Cowboys are still looking for their first commit for the 2014 class. We'll be stepping up our recruiting coverage over the summer months.