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Wyoming Signs JC CB Tyran Finley - New Depth Chart Released

A later addition to the 2013 recruiting class.


First off I would like to apologize if you've had any problems visiting Cowboy Altitude over the last couple days. SB Nation has been plagued by a large number of network errors that has made it incredibly hard to visit this site or other SB Nation sites. There has been a fine group that has been working nonstop to fix the issues and ensure they don't repeat.

We were planning on covering more recruiting news and now we have a signing. This isn't for 2014.... this is actually a member of the 2013 class who will be eligible to play this fall. Cornerback Tyran Finley from Contra Costa College in California signed with the Pokes earlier this week.

Despite being just 5'9 170lbs it certainly looks like Finley is a playmaker. He was named First Team Defense for his school's region in CA. He also held offers from Troy, UTEP and Middle Tennessee. Scout gave him a two star rating while he was unrated by Rivals.

Check out the video footage:

Interesting timing for this signing. Perhaps a scholarship opened up. The post Spring depth chart was released today and we may have our answer. Safety Jesse Sampson played well this spring till he was injured midway through. Perhaps the injury was serious enough to now allow him to play again. Sampson is not found anywhere on the latest depth.

Hopefully that is not the case but it is certainly a concern. Would hate for his playing career to come to an end this way.

A majority of the depth chart is expected but there are a few surprises. Let's breakdown some of the changes that occurred.

RB - Brandon Miller maintains his starting spot despite missing all of spring practice. Omar Stover was able to leap past Shaun Wick and D.J. May on the depth chart. There is no "OR" listed between their names like there was previously.

CENTER - Despite not enrolling till the fall JC transfer Albert Perez was named the starter at center. Not really surprising as Coach Christensen commented several times that he was not happy with the job done by the centers this spring. Hope Perez is ready to grab that spot.

CB - The two starters are Blair Burns and DeAndre Jones. No surprise there. The depth behind them is questionable as everyone is either a freshmen or walkon with no experience. The addition of Finley will certainly help here.

SAFETY - Darrenn White and Marqueston Huff are the starters. Cortland Fort and Chad Reese are the backups. I really like the depth at this position. Reese made lots of big plays last year and Fort has performed well in scrimmages the last two years.

LB - Lucas Wacha, Devyn Harris and Mark Nzeocha are the starters. JC transfer Jeff Lark is listed as fourth on the depth chart at WILL. At this point it looks like he is headed for a redshirt.

This biggest changes are really with the defensive line. Eddie Yarbrough was moved to defensive tackle and is the starter there. Justin Bernthaler is the backup and is followed by Troy Boyland. Patrick Merterns is the starter at nose tackle and Uso Olive is his backup.

At defensive end we have Sonny Puletasi as the starter and is followed by Sam Awrabi.

At the BUCK spot Siaosi Hala'api'api is the starter and J.J. Quinlan (who moved back to defense) is #2. With this restructure are we witnessing the defense make the transition back to a 3-4 scheme? The 4-3 has not really produced stellar results the last few years.